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Shiny gadget of the month: Lyric water detector and PumpSpy

By September 16, 2017November 20th, 2018News

Hurricanes and floods have been making headlines all over the news lately. There is talk that we could have some of the effects from the storms reach us in the North East too. In order to help defend against storms and the damage they can bring there are some handy gadgets that could help you protect your home, or maybe even business.

One of these devices is the Lyric Wi-Fi water leak and freeze detector. Just like the name states it is a device that was created to warn you of leaks or freezing temperatures to protect your pipes. By having a gadget to detect leaks you could potentially avoid major damage and costly repairs to your home or business.

This doesn’t have to be just for storms, maybe you have a washing machine that has caused some flooding in the past from a clogged drain. I can say first hand if I had a notification about something like that it would have saved some major headaches and cleaning. This way no matter where you are you can get a notification if any water is detected, whether it is a storm having water seep into your home, or a leak from an appliance, you will be able to react to it better than if you walk into a surprise. It even gives the option to notify a trusted contractor, family member, or neighbor too.

Another similar gadget is the PumpSpy Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart Outlet. This connects your sump pump to your Wi-Fi to notify you if your pump is working properly or if the water gets too high. This way you can get notifications if you are away or maybe even just unaware that there is an issue, so that you do not walk into a serious problem and can take action.

Both of these items could save you tons of money and time this storm season by helping protect your home and valuables. No one ever wants to have to deal with a flooded home or business and these alert systems could help significantly reduce the damage that is done.