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Shiny Gadget of the Month – The Ion Belt Charger

By November 20, 2015July 16th, 2019Article

This should sound familiar. You’ve been on the road traveling, or maybe it’s been a busy day. You’ve been using your phone a lot. Beep! It’s your battery’s death rattle, and you know that your phone will power off in a second. You still have an important call to make. You can’t plug your phone in because you don’t have a charger OR an outlet. What do you do?

Easy. You pull out your Ion Belt.

The Ion Belt is a new invention from Aaron Krause, inventor of the Scrub Daddy Sponge, one of Shark Tank’s biggest success stories. Aaron was on a phone call when it was stopped short because his battery died. He was traveling with no place to plug in and he left his backup battery at home. A clever person and already successful entrepreneur, Aaron came up with the idea to make a battery into something you wouldn’t forget at home — a belt.

The Ion Belt is a leather belt with a 3,000mAh battery built in, which is enough to fully charge an iPhone 6s almost two times. There’s a handy little USB built right into the belt pin and a USB plug for your own charger.

What about safety? To avoid any safety concerns, the invention team created their own Encapsulpak technology, which protects the battery by encasing it in steel with two independent layers between the battery and everything else. As far as dreaded radiation from mobile devices, the Ion Belt does not transmit radio waves and produces about as much radiation as a digital watch (pretty much nothing).

The current delivery estimate to Kickstarter backers is June, 2016 and you can become one here. If you choose to become a backer, you can choose rewards such as an iPhone case ($25), just the belt ($89 early adopter price), or the belt and two launch party tickets for you and a guest in Philadelphia (yes, Philly!) ($499). You can also choose to chip in $4999 for the precious metal edition, which comes with an artisan leather belt and an all-metal-plated buckle in your choice of 14-carat gold, rose gold, or rhodium buckle.

What do you think of this interesting little gadget? We’re excited to see how it turns out in the coming year.