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Shiny gadget of the month: Aire – home surveillance drone

By October 10, 2017November 20th, 2018News

Have you been waiting for sci-fi to start becoming reality? You know, those little robots that hover around people’s houses to help with things. Well Aire aims to bring that sort of concept to life. Aire is the world’s first indoor drone for your home that acts as a security device, but also has plenty of other features.

The drone can launch itself when it detects or hears anything out of the ordinary and send an alert to your phone to determine if it is a false alarm or if you need to call the authorities. Aire wants to help you protect your entire home, without the limitations of mounted cameras that you have limited vision with. It also wants to extend your smart home so you can visit family members virtually, help home owners to monitor multiple properties or travel frequently, small business security, give virtual tours of homes for real estate agents, and really anyone that can come up with a use for it.

Some objections that you might have would be the safety of using it.  Aire has all of the blades and moving parts enclosed so it won’t hurt anyone or damage furniture. They have encrypted its communications and storage so it is safe from hackers, and it is quiet enough so that it won’t bother you. It also has features for obstacle avoidance and auto-docking and charging so that it is as worry free as possible.

When Aire is docked it will go into watchdog mode, which uses it sensors to detect motion and sound in all directions. If something out of ordinary is detected you will get a notification. Since it is a drone they are boasting about its ability to check things out, like if you left a stove on or if a storm rolled through, you can check for damage even if you are not there.

As for its more fun features, Aire can help provide photography if you are trying to get a group shot and actually want to be in it this time. Since Aire is integrated with Alexa you can ask it to go into camera mode and take commands, or even tell it to come here and take a picture, where it will scan the room for a face and then approach it to take a picture.

Since Aire is still in development it will be cool to see what new tricks it can learn as things progress, but it seems like a pretty cool and maybe a little bit freaky gadget. See more for yourself on its kickstarter page