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NexFan Ultra: Portable AC with Powerful Cooling

By June 19, 2020Blog

Summer is here and the fight to stay cool is back. Now that now many people are working remotely the cost of air conditioning is sure to go up for many this summer, especially if you would have normally set your temperature higher while you were at the office. Perhaps you just want something to help you cool off by your desk and the fan just isn’t cutting it. If you can relate to any of this maybe the NexFan Ultra is the gadget for you.

The NexFan Ultra Air Cooler is a neat little multi-use gadget. First and foremost, it works like a mini AC unit. However, it also functions as an air purifier, humidifier, and aromatherapy machine. Best of all is that you can go completely portable with it by running it off of a power bank. This brings in all sorts of new options for you. You could take it outside to a picnic or an event, sit it on your desk, set it by your bed, even bring it back to the office with you when you return. The ability to bring a mini AC unit around with you is pretty cool.

The way this little gadget works is by taking water you pour into the reservoir on top and using the water to cool the air that it blows out through a filter. You can also add ice to give it an even more dramatic effect. Operation is as simple as add water, plug in and hit the on button. Even though you have to use water they have a leak-proof design to ease your worries about dripping or spillage. If you want to go portable a 10,000 mAh power bank can get you 12 hours of life!  So just fill it up, turn it on,  and within seconds you will feel the difference.

It is a really neat concept packing the comfort of air conditioning into the compact design of a mini portable unit. The NexFan Ultra would be perfect for someone who needs a little relief at their desk but doesn’t want to crank the AC for the whole house to cool down a single room, and doesn’t want the hassle or obstructed view of a window unit (or may not even have a window in proximity of their workspace at home). The NexFan Ultra could be the perfect solution.

Right now at the time of writing the NexFan Ultra is in the shipping phase of their indiegogo campaign. While it seems like something that might be a bit pricey you can actually still get one for $45 which seems like a bargain considering most floor fans cost just as much if not more. You can see more about it or order one for yourself here. What do you think of this idea? Apparently over 14 thousand people liked it enough to back it at the time of writing. It certainly seems like it could be a handy little device.