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There is a new phishing scam going around and it targets Amazon Prime Customers

By September 14, 2017October 29th, 2019News

If you are an customer, and there is a good chance you are, there is a new phishing scam going around that is targeting you. This past July a record number of customers made purchased on Amazon’s “Prime Day”. The phishing scam is targeting those customers offering a $50 Amazon credit in exchange for submitting a review.

The phishing email contains a link to a fake site that looks just like the real thing. On the fake site users are prompted to enter their email and passwords. That information goes directly to the criminals who then gain access to the Amazon account. The site could also potentially install malicious software on the computer or mobile device too.

To be safe you should always check the URL of a link, it would likely be some slight variation of so be vigilant. If you do get an email from Amazon for this it is better to just go directly to on your own to check your orders/reviews instead of following a link in the email. There are around 80 million Amazon Prime members, so if you or someone you know is one pass this along.

Remember, education is best defense against phishing scams, if you would like to find out more SWK Network Services can help train you and your employees for what to look for. Contact us at to learn more.