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Microsoft to begin testing a new feature that could become quite handy

By December 17, 2017October 29th, 2019News

If you have ever used a computer before you have undoubtedly worked on something that required multiple sources. For instance, if you had an Excel spreadsheet open, along with a Word doc so that you could create PowerPoint deck. In this example you would have three different windows would have to be open and you would be clicking between them all.

The new vision Microsoft has is that instead of having different windows they would all be confined to the same window and use tabs, much like how a web browser functions. You might think that this is just a minor upgrade in convenience, but the real power that I see in it come from the ability to save a project you are working on along with ALL of the tabs. I know personally this would be fantastic as I consistently have a ton of windows and tabs up at all times in order to not forget about what goes with what. The ability to save a project and all its associated tabs so that if I close it out I can get all of it back from one location.

Microsoft is calling this functionality and groupings “Sets”. Right now it is still in development, but will be going out to select individuals for testing soon. Sets will also work with OneDrive so that you can save and close in one place, then open again somewhere else. They are also working on mobile device support too, so you can start a Set on your mobile device then open it up on a PC or vice versa.

These Sets could become very helpful with the organization of work. While we are all so used to doing things a certain way now, it is likely we will not know how we ever used to do things the “old” way once Sets become available to the general public.