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Lynx – True mobility for your tablet

By December 15, 2015July 16th, 2019Article

If you don’t already have a tablet, you’ll probably be getting one as a gift — and the Lynx is a nifty little mount you can use to position that tablet anywhere.

Whether for work or for personal enjoyment, the Lynx can be mounted to just about anything: a pole, desk, counter top, or whatever you can fit the clamp on (they show some outside-the-box ideas on their website, If you’re the kind of person who uses a tablet for recipes, the Lynx would free up precious counter space and offer a better view. If you’re like me, you could clamp it to the counter or cabinet and stream some Netflix while you cook. You could even affix it to your treadmill or stationary bike to keep you going when you kick off your New Year’s resolution next month.

Lynx is flexible and rotates 360° at both ends so you can manipulate it to do what you need it to do. The holder is universal and works on iPads, tablets, or e-readers – case or no case. Reviewers agree: the Lynx is a well built, solid piece of equipment. As well it should be, since it’s marked at $99.99.

With the holidays fast approaching, we figured we’d help you shop by including an extra shiny gadget. The Lynx could be a nifty little present for anyone with a tablet (even yourself) this year. What do you think?