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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Loomo – Robot Sidekick and personal transporter

By March 20, 2018July 16th, 2019News

Every year we seem to get closer and closer to having personal robots integrated into our lives. Segway Robotics, the company who mastered the art of personal transportation, has taken their devices to a new level by introducing AI to their already popular concept of upright transportation. Loomo is the name for their robotic sidekick who also serves as a mode of transportation. Simple to ride, 22 mile range on a charge, an advanced computer vision and emotion engine,

and with the ability to auto follow and capture video with voice/gesture controls makes Loomo a handy little companion. It uses powerful AI to execute these functions along with the self-balancing technology of Segway to function as a transporter.

Loomo is designed to be more than just an AI Segway device, it has a loveable personality and expressions that will be sure to impress. You can get a taste for this in their video on the Indiegogo page You can even take the helm and go into avatar mode where you can use your mobile device to control Loomo and see the world through its eyes. It also can take pictures, be equipped with a tray, and many other things. Oh, by the way you can ride on it too.

If you hurry you can snatch one up for yourself with an expected May 2018 shipping date while it is still on sale for the early bird price of $1299, which considering the technology is not as bad as you might have expected. It will be cool to see if this product becomes a success or not and how it might start to shape the future of personal robot assistants.

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