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Leveraging Virtualization Technology During the Pandemic

By August 12, 2020August 19th, 2020Blog, Virtualization


Several virtualization models have become increasingly popular during the coronavirus pandemic, including virtual desktop interface (VDI), virtual networks and more. Hosting your internal technology through virtual environments allows you to migrate away from static endpoints and workstations to a more flexible, scalable paradigm in which your users can move more freely. Leveraging virtualized servers, institutions like the city of Corona, CA have been able to completely shift to a remote workforce while saving IT costs.

Here are the key takeaways from the rise in virtualization technology use during the pandemic:

Growth of Virtualization Amidst COVID-19

Considerable research has been conducted into the growth of virtualized IT resource deployment from firms like Deloitte, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), and others, trying to chart the “virtualization of everything” spurred by COVID-19 and many other factors. The ESG study was carried out before the mass migration to work from home (WFH) environments, yet found many of the same drivers existed before and were only exacerbated by the pandemic. Multiple reports have shown that IT professionals and decision makers have a majority positive opinion of virtualized technology, and organizations are only moving increasingly to the cloud.

VDI, DaaS, Virtual Servers and More

The ESG report highlighted an interesting takeaway within the growing confidence in desktop virtualization – most of those surveyed were equally optimistic on all delivery models. This followed many trends found in a study by marketing firm Spiceworks, especially a lack of understanding of technology language. Decision makers are already planning to escalate their migration to virtualized solutions for data storage, software applications and network resources, but many seem to only have a high-level of the technical complexities between these tools.

Cybersecurity for Virtual Technologies

The journey to virtualization has already begun through increasingly digitized server resources, and the above research revealed this migration is only spreading out to other solutions. However, it is clear that knowledge around the various technology approaches and requirements is still growing, including for virtual IT cybersecurity. A few reports contained potentially contradicting results on the native security of virtualized systems, with respondents divided even amongst themselves about the benefits versus pitfalls.

Virtualization security reflects the demands of most digital infrastructure – every user becomes an endpoint, yet there is potentially more control at the administration level to quickly address threats. Protecting virtualized desktops, applications, and networks requires a vigilant team that knows how to balance resources efficiently, as well as identify and quickly handle intrusions.

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