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Is your Android device safe? New tool can help you find out

By November 20, 2015February 7th, 2019Article, Security

In past couple of months, we’ve talked a lot about scares and vulnerability issues for iPhone users. Never fear, Android users. We haven’t forgotten you! Those of you on Android devices have a new app that helps with security. It’s called Android VTS (Vulnerability Test Suite), and it aims to help keep your device secure.

This app’s big draw is its management of the Stagefright bug. In case you don’t remember, this was the exploit that installed malicious code onto your phone through a text message. The market’s many different Android versions and devices make it difficult for Google and manufacturers to see if your device is at risk — much less patch vulnerabilities. With Android VTS installed, you have the power to check if there are areas needing your attention. Then you can fix problems yourself, or notify your provider or manufacturer that they need to help. As an added precaution, Android VTS is careful not to include checks that could cause instability problems for your device.

Android VTS was developed by mobile security firm, NowSecure. Remember, the app won’t fix the issues for you, but it will make you aware of them. Once you know you have a problem, your first move should be upgrading to the latest operating system. In some cases, this will fix the issue immediately, due to patches implemented in newer versions. If that doesn’t work, or if you’re unsure how to do that, contact your carrier or manufacturer for a vulnerability patch.

The constant security battle between hackers and developers rages on, and it’s best to arm yourself with resources and knowledge to fight back. Being vigilant and cautious when installing and browsing on your device is always a great idea, and this tool helps you keep an eye out to make sure you’re safe. Download the Android VTS tool for free on the Google Play Store.