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How to Improve Staff Efficiency with Technology

By August 11, 2021August 17th, 2021Blog, Business, Productivity

improve-staff-efficiency-technology-microsoft-365-teams-erpPromoting staff efficiency has always been a challenge for employers, but in the post-COVID world, taking advantage of technology can help your company achieve this while working remotely or in a hybrid environment. Software and IT solutions can greatly assist employees working at home or in the office, or dividing their time between both, as long as these tools and your implementation scope align closely with your real business needs. Knowing what’s available to you and where to start is crucial for enabling success with the right technologies.

Here are a few ways to improve staff efficiency with technology:

Utilize Communication Tools

In order for information to travel smoothly across your company, you need a uniform messaging system that allows for instant and secure communication. Microsoft Teams is a great start, as it allows for general channels for broader communication, specific messages to a single person, and a calendar feature that can be synced with every user across Microsoft 365. While many companies already took advantage of this or similar tools during the pandemic, even with employees returning to the office Teams can still be incredibly useful.  Video conferencing software and other similar channels limit the need for people to physically meet in a conference room, empowering you to continue to maintain distributed departments and business units.

Upgrade Software and Hardware

Technology seems to be moving forward at an exponential rate, so keeping up to date with all the latest patches and feature upgrades can end up saving your company a significant amount of time and money. You should always have your eye out for system updates, as these can potentially improve the effectiveness of each device or system, or even close security loopholes that were accidentally looked over in previous iterations. If every one of your employees are working on up-to-date devices and software, you should have more bandwidth to focus on the bigger picture.


Consider Implementing ERP Software

Managing every aspect of your business can get incredibly difficult, regardless of size, and automating disparate activities can significantly consolidate reoccurring pain points and grant you visibility into potential problems before they come to a head. Utilized by a variety of organizations, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help you manage various processes such as supply chain management, project management, inventory and warehouse management, and multiple accounting functions with GAAP-based rules. This can reduce unnecessary data entry as everything should be visible in one place from the manager’s perspective and promotes productivity throughout the organization.

Contact SWK to Learn How to Better Leverage Technology

SWK Technologies is here help you take a good long look at your existing IT infrastructure and determine where ROI can be increased, and – if necessary – empower you to best choose new or additional solutions to achieve this. We will work alongside you to optimize your technology stack for maximum value return, showing you where you can save time and money while still fulfilling your business objectives.

Contact SWK Technologies today to let us show you how to get the most out of your technology and improve your efficiency with software no matter your work environment.

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