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How Co-Managed IT Support Protects Your Business Investment

By September 2, 2021September 10th, 2021Blog, Business Value, , ,

co-managed-IT-support-services-network-assuranceEvery investment decision you make for your business must be driven by an assurance of ROI, but technology – especially for network management – can come with a question mark on value. You know your infrastructure serves a purpose, but it is harder to quantify the true return potential when your solution output is so dependent on input, along with many other background factors that obfuscate the benefits.

Many business leaders are understandably hesitant to keep throwing money into their IT departments because the ROI can be so difficult to estimate. That said, though, consistently updating your company’s network service capacity is increasingly crucial to the continued success, and safety, of your company. Ransomware and other cyber threats can steal, expose and damage your company data, generating untold costs if not actively protected against, yet IT teams  continually get the short end of the budgetary stick.

While that all undoubtedly sounds horrible, you might be wondering just what you can do about it. After all, you only have so much money you can invest back into your company’s IT department, and it might not be sufficient for keeping your IT staff from getting burned out, disgruntled or making costly mistakes – even when they’re performing their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

When You Need Co-Managed IT Support

What if there were a way that you could have access to the most up-to-date IT knowledge and software while also not having to shell out the funds necessary to update your systems and hire more knowledgeable employees? Well, that’s where co-managed IT can be your company’s life preserver.

Co-managed IT is a flexible system for keeping data for your company, employees and clients safe from cyber attacks as well as assisting in your daily operations where needed. Think of it as “filling in the gaps” that your current IT department (try as they might) struggle to fill, for a laundry list of reasons.

There are many signs that an IT and network management team (or the one partially-qualified individual fulfilling that role) has been stretched to the limit, yet these can be hard to see from the C-suite until it is too late. Have you noticed any of these red flags from your IT department?

  1. The team has to work nights and weekends
  2. IT projects miss deadlines and/or are incomplete
  3. Members of the department exhibit significant signs of stress
  4. Security measures are lacking or lagging behind

Maybe none of these cases describes your IT department, but they still need better access to the tools and software that would allow them to reach their full potential in protecting your company’s sensitive information. Or maybe your company is going through a period of rapid growth, and you just don’t have time to build the kind of IT infrastructure that would best serve your needs.

Whether you need access to scalability or just an extra hand to take on the tasks that fall through the cracks, co-managed IT support can be your lifeline to improved and more consistent network services. With SWK’s Network Assurance program, your existing practices will be augmented by our solutions and expert techniques for providing streamlined managed IT solutions.


SWK Network Assurance – Cost-Effective IT Solutions

Co-managing your network assets is not a “one and done” project, but a continuous relationship with a managed service provider (MSP) like SWK Technologies that provides tailored, consistent support that complements your existing IT resources and aligns with your business objectives. With SWK’s Network Assurance program, your company will receive services designed to address your specific requirements, needs and circumstances, and built to adapt to your ongoing processes. Our range of solutions include more than just helpdesk, and are scalable for your entire technology stack assets from applications like Microsoft 365 to full-scale ERP as well as your IT infrastructure.

Engaging Network Assurance for co-managing IT allows us to build a plan that fills all the gaps for what you need to ensure ROI on your technology investments, where you have a full IT department or one semiofficial troubleshooting resource. Our program includes a review of your current systems and processes as well as interviews with your employees to help you uncover vulnerabilities as well as ensure SWK can deliver the value you need, where and when you need it.

Finally,  in order for co-managed IT to work, your company must be truly willing to invest in your IT department. We know that the ROI might not be as clear as it is for some other investments, but the consequences of not having up-to-date network services if and when hackers steal your sensitive data could financially devastate your company – or even end it altogether.

Learn More About Protecting Your IT ROI with Co-Managed Support

We live in an age of digital transformation that makes technology investment increasingly unavoidable to enable business success – make sure you get the most out of your systems with the right level of maintenance and support. Managed services delivered by an experienced MSP will help you maximize your ROI from your IT assets, and preserve their value against modern cyber threats and disruption – watch our webinar to discover how.

Register here to watch SWK’s webinar establishing the business case for managed IT services and uncover more about our Network Assurance program, the value of co-managed IT, and much, much more.