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“Heart Bleed” Bug Reveals Your Usernames, Passwords, Even Data.

By April 10, 2014October 29th, 2019(Tech) Security

Heart Bleed LogoYesterday, a security bug was announced that we all have to worry about.

Google, with the help of security firm, Codenomicon, have recognized a flaw in OpenSSL.  OpenSSL is one of the primary standards websites use to secure the data we pass back and forth with them as users or customers.

We all need to change the passwords we’re using with websites.  A good practice is to use at least 8 characters consisting of upper and lower case letters, numerals, and symbols.

It’s been suggested that many sites belonging to Google including Gmail, Facebook, Tumblr, Apple, Yahoo including Yahoo mail, GoDaddy, Dropbox, and many, many more may have been affected.

Worse, researchers believe that this security bug may have been in existence for up to 2 years.  Website hosts are quickly working to apply patches to secure their services.  While many are complete, others aren’t.  Researchers say it may be wise to change your passwords again in the near future.  For more information, please see these articles:

Business Insider: Here’s How To Protect Yourself From The Massive Security Flaw That’s Taken Over The Internet

CNET: ‘Heartbleed’ bug undoes Web encryption, reveals Yahoo passwords

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