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Guide to Business Cyber Resilience

By June 20, 2018January 21st, 2019Blog

Cyber resilience is a new buzz term being thrown around regarding organizational cybersecurity. It specifically refers to an enterprise’s ability to respond to and continue to function during a cyber attack. Increasingly, cyber resilience is being mentioned in regard to how well every employee can contribute to their company’s continued network security, and how well security resources leverage these contributions to ensuring critical business component continuity.

While the general outlook on enterprise cybersecurity is gradually becoming more optimistic, experts stress that cyber resilience can currently only be measured against targeted cyber attacks as opposed to probing breaches. According to Accenture Security, there has been significant improvement in this area since 2017 with faster breach detection rates by a majority of security teams. However, there is still room for growth, especially in the capability of other departments to identify threats and notify the proper personnel.

In modern times, a growing number of organizations rely on networked technology to streamline their operations or even just for basic functions. This increasing connectivity unfortunately also makes everyone more vulnerable, and the mounting number of cyber attacks indicate that hackers have fully tried to take advantage of this phenomenon. Cybercriminals utilize weak points in networks that often exist within two-way communication nodes that are necessary for interacting with customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

The first line of defense for protecting these checkpoints are the personnel who operate them on behalf of their organizations. This does not mean that you should substitute non-security resources for a true cybersecurity team, but enabling your employees to recognize their role in building cyber resilience for your business could make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful cyber attack. With the right instruction and training, your employees will be able to note the signs of a pending or completed intrusion, take steps to prevent compromising their workstations and tools, and notify the correct authority as to the issue within a timely manner.

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