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Flic – The Wireless, Programmable Smart Button

By December 15, 2015July 31st, 2019Article

Everyone likes shortcuts — especially when they make your life easier.

Over the past year, a team of Swedish entrepreneurs and engineers have come up with a shortcut for digital devices that the world will love: A wireless smart button, named Flic.

Okay, at face value, a wireless smart button sounds kind of, well, dumb — but let the idea sink in a moment. The use for this little button could be trivial, like programming it to ring your misplaced phone (or ringing to help you escape a conversation), or important, like sending a distress signal with your GPS location if you’re in trouble.

Flic can also be used as a remote for your camera on your phone — I know EVERYONE, at one time or another, has wished they could set their phone down to include themselves in a group photo. Depending on how connected your home is, Flic could also be used to work your lights and heating, play your music, and so on.

You can clip or stick this little, programmable button on anything, and it’ll wirelessly connect to your iOS or Android device. Want it to do more than one thing? Yeah, the engineers thought of that. You can program your Flic to perform different actions for a single click or a double click, or holding down the button.

The device itself comes in a variety of colors and the battery will last up to five years! Don’t worry, you can even replace with a standard coin battery if it ever runs out. To make things easy, Flic also has reusable adhesive, which you can clean with water if it ever gets dirty. The button was also engineered to withstand the elements, and it works outdoors as well as indoors.

Right now you can find Flic online at, with options of purchasing one Flic and one clip, or a discounted four Flics and one clip. Including shipping, these packages will cost $39 and $109, respectively. I personally think these little guys seem pretty cool. Do you think you could incorporate some tech shortcuts into your life?