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Cybersecurity-Informed Employees Save Costs

By March 14, 2019Blog, Office, Security

employee cybersecurity training saves costs

Employees can help as much as hurt an organization’s network security, says South African cybersecurity expert Charl Ueckermann. The CEO of Johannesburg-based AVeS Cyber Security told Independent Media that while internal personnel are seen as a business’s biggest threat, they are also the greatest resource for maintaining IT security when properly informed. “Educating employees on cyber threats and how to use IT resources and the internet securely can help lower security risks, as well as the costs associated with managing those risks.”

Employee ignorance of cybersecurity best practices often represents one of the biggest gaps that can exist in your network defense. However, as experts like Ueckermann point out, everyone within an organization can become its best defender if armed with the right knowledge and training to be able to identify and respond to cyber risks. These informed personnel consequently avoid data breaches and malware infections, which cuts costs from downtime, privacy regulation enforcement, and all the other expenses of a cyber attack.

Learn How to Combat the Cybersecurity Risks for Everyone

Successful network security requires building your business culture around the right ways to defend against an attack. Committing to awareness training and teaching your employees techniques for preventing intrusion will enable your business to avoid incurring the significant costs of a breach.

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