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Cybersecurity Countdown – Get the Numbers You Need to Defend Your Business [eBook]

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A malicious hacker may rely on code that triggers the 1s and 0s of your business network’s binary language, but your cybersecurity defense relies on a lot more numbers than that.

What are those numbers? SWK Network Services answers that question with a new eBook that breaks down the numbers behind cyber defense. This eBook helps you confidently tackle an extremely important number for your organization: the first 1 of the cybersecurity conversations you and your employees must have.

Ready to get moving? Jump straight to the all-access page for the Cybersecurity Tips for Employees eBook.

What Kinds of Numbers Are in the eBook?

When you access an in-depth eBook, you expect numbers. From statistics to study results to results tables to ROI counters, eBooks are usually filled with numbers.

The newest eBook from SWK Network Services, Cybersecurity Tips for Employees: The Complete Guide to Secure Behavior Online and in the Office, is a different kind of eBook. This eBook has unique numbers – ones you won’t find anywhere else.

These numbers prepare you to take action to prevent security issues, starting today.

Get the eBook, so you can discover the countdown:

  • 11 clutter mistakes that compromise data security
  • 11 tactics hackers use to guess your password
  • 10 of the least secure usernames that companies rely on
  • 9 tips to strengthen password security
  • 7 best practices for safe web browsing at work
  • 5 challenges to mobile device security
  • 5 ways to block phishing attacks
  • 5 ways a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help improve your security
  • 4 common phishing techniques
  • 3 tips for securing BYOD smartphones
  • 3 top internet browser cyberthreats
  • 2factor authentication, the free cyber defense method all employees should use…

…And, most importantly, the eBook gives you all the tips you need to successfully lead the 1 conversation you must have with your employees as soon as possible – a discussion of today’s top IT security tactics.

Cybersecurity Protection Requires You to Stay on Top of the Numbers

You’re responsible for protecting your business’s data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even when your staff isn’t in the office. That’s because all it takes is 1 mistake to fall victim to a vicious cyberattack.

That 1 cyberattack can lead to more high numbers you’ll dislike paying attention to in the future: non-compliance fines, legal fees, and revenue losses due to a damaged business reputation.

Cybercrime is on the rise, and that means the countdown is on for your organization’s cybersecurity. Following the numerous tips in this eBook can help you avoid lasting cybercrime damage and turn your cyber defense strategy into a well-coordinated, companywide success.

Ready to get moving on your business’s security? Before you start, we’ve got one more number for you: 20. That’s the number of minutes you’ll need to read through the info-packed eBook from SWK.

Start planning for your company’s cybersecure future by preparing yourself to discuss effective security tactics with employees. Download the eBook, Cybersecurity Tips for Employees: The Complete Guide to Secure Behavior Online and in the Office, to learn more.

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