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Cyber Resilience: Can Your Business Fight Back Against Cybercrime?

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Does your business have cyber resilience? Should it? Find out now.

Cybercrime is on the rise, and malicious hackers are becoming increasingly devious with their attack methodologies. Even if you have managed to avoid a cyberattack thus far, you know that it is simply a matter of time until your business does fall victim to ransomware, phishing, or other modern cyber threats.

Fortunately, there is a way to mitigate your risk from cyberattacks. Cyber resilience prepares your organization to defend against cybercriminals and recover quickly in the event of an attack, and insurance underwriters know this.

Learn how you can improve your cyber resilience and potentially lower your cyber insurance costs, when you download the new eBook brought to you by SWK Network Services.

What Will You Learn in the eBook?

The new eBook, The Importance of Cyber Resilience, helps you prepare your business to defend against modern cyber risks, so you and your employees can act quickly in the event of an attack, thus speeding your recovery time.

Much like practicing a fire drill or an earthquake duck-and-cover drill, the practices outlined in this book are designed to transform a potentially chaotic situation into a calm and orderly, highly effective response.

When you download the eBook, you will learn how to combine cybersecurity and business continuity into a single, seamless procedure. This procedure can help you maintain record security and can significantly reduce the collateral damage associated with a cyberattack, including downtime costs, legal fees, and loss of reputation.

Topics outlined include:

  • 2 steps you must follow to develop an effective cyber resilience plan
  • 5 common risks to which a cyberattack exposes your company
  • 7 controls that can reduce your business’s overall cyber-vulnerability
  • 5 detailed steps to follow when performing your personalized risk assessment
  • 6 stages of incident response planning and execution

You will also learn the benefits and potential cost savings that can result from carefully implementing an effective cyber resilience strategy and procedure.

One of the top benefits of cyber resilience planning is likely to boost your ROI immediately: the ability to negotiate better cyber insurance terms and conditions, which may include:

  • Reduced premiums
  • Broader coverage
  • Higher amounts of coverage

Does Your Business Have Cyber Resilience?

If your organization does not yet have a clear and well defined cyber resilience procedure in place, you are likely to be taken unawares in the event of a cyberattack.

As we mentioned earlier, the modern cyberthreat landscape places businesses like yours into a situation in which the question is no longer if your organization will become the victim of a cyberattack, but rather when that attack will occur.

It could be any time, which means that your best solution is to create a strong cyber-offense that helps you recover quickly from that attack when it happens.

Prepare your business for successful cyber recovery and risk mitigation when you download the eBook, The Importance of Cyber Resilience.

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