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By November 10, 2021November 18th, 2021News

The holidays are always busy. Between cooking, cleaning, planning, there is always something to do when it comes to getting together with family or just the holidays in general. Fortunately, Cuisinart has a handy all-in-one gadget to aid you this holiday season called the Complete Chef.

The Complete Chef is a cooking food processor. That’s right, it does all that you would expect from a food processor but cooks on top of that, all in the same place. So now you can do all your prep work with the processor, and it is ready to slow cook, steam, puree, sauté right there. What is even handier is that it comes with 200 pre-programmed recipes that guide you through it right down to pictures and nutritional information. Since this is an all-in-one machine naturally you’re going to want to have the capacity to make a real meal, so it comes with an 18-cup bowl capacity as well, giving you the flexibility to feed your family. All pretty handy stuff for someone who is spending time in the kitchen on a regular basis.

While this all sounds great it does come with a price tag too. The Complete Chef is listed for $699.99 on their website so it may not be for everyone. However, if you’re looking to spend a little less time prepping and cooking, maybe this is the gadget you’ve been looking for.