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Chrome Password Checkup Warns You If Passwords Compromised

By March 19, 2019Blog

google chrome password checker

In today’s age of cybersecurity there have been frequent hacks and data leaks you hear of in the news to the point where it has become regular. Odds are you may have even been one of the millions potentially affected. Google recently taken security measures a bit further to help chrome users manage their credentials. They released a new extension for the Chrome browser that allows you to get an alert if you enter a username / password combination that Google “knows to be unsafe.” Google says it has a database of 4 billion credentials that have been compromised in various breaches that it runs your password against.

Should your credentials be affected you will get a prompt from a red dialog box to update your info.

chrome password checkup


You may be wondering what exactly Google is doing with your data, but they promise to never report any information about your accounts, passwords, or device. They wrote a blog further detailing this information. Aside from the alerts, another nice feature is that Password Checkup won’t be a stickler about your passwords if you do need to change it (like telling you to use numbers and special characters). It just lets you change your password and will notify you of any that have been compromised.

In a digital world where you can never be too safe a tool like this could come in handy. If you wanted to take a look at the extension for yourself you can find it on their chrome web store.