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Businesses Overlook Mobile Data Security

By March 9, 2018September 10th, 2018Blog

A report from Verizon released last month revealed that several businesses forfeited the data security of their company’s mobile devices to ensure speed to market performance. This was influenced by a general lack of cybersecurity awareness concerning mobile platforms. Over 30 percent of the 600 organizations surveyed for the reported admitted they had ignored their mobile data security for the sake of performance, and almost 80 percent said that they considered operational disruptions to be a bigger threat that data thefts. However, nearly all of the respondents claimed they now see mobile devices as a growing vulnerability.

Mobile devices for corporate use are becoming increasingly common, and many examples of emerging technology are dependent upon connections to smartphones and tablet computers. Internet of Things (IoT) devices often work in conjunction with mobile phones or tablets remotely controlled through a wireless connection. Advances such as these provide new opportunities to streamline operations, but also may create network access points for attackers.

Data security for mobile will gradually become an integral part of cybersecurity as they continue to proliferate in the workplace. Mobile devices can be just as vulnerable as personal computers to external cyber threats, if not more. Lax physical mobile security can also allow anyone who is able to interact with it directly to gain entry into sensitive data stored on the device, including corporate login information.

There already exists several types of malware that have been created specifically to infect smartphones or tablets. Many of these malicious files are hidden in third party apps that may even get past publisher app stores, especially if your device is not using the latest update. Yet there is also a chance to download malware while browsing mobile versions of desktop websites.

It is important to include your mobile devices in your company’s cybersecurity strategy, as they represent an ever-present reality of the modern workplace. Even personal smartphones can become a threat if employees use them for internal functions, such as directly accessing your company’s web assets or carrying digital transactions. Hackers may use individual devices as loopholes to penetrate deeper into your system.

If you are unsure of how your company or personal mobile devices may be affecting your cybersecurity, or if you suspect that one may have compromised your network, then contact us right away. We can help protect you and educate your employees on how to use their devices correctly.