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Business Continuity with Cloud-Hosted Data Backups

By January 13, 2020January 13th, 2021Blog, Business Continuity, Cloud Trends, Web & Cloud

cloud hosted data backup business continuity

Disasters can strike at any time, bringing your business to a grinding halt and cutting into your revenue. Implementing a business continuity plan will help you secure your valuable data by backing it up in case of network outage. However, data backups can become too complicated for internal IT departments to manage. Should you get hit by a disaster or a breach, a lack of proper file backup could mean the end of your business — all the more reason to integrate cloud hosting in your data backup strategies.

Here are four reasons why hosting your data backups in the cloud is better than internal storage:

Cloud Networks Allow Better Uptime

Backing up to an internal drive or an external hard drive won’t completely secure data. If someone steals your device, you instantly lose the backup it contains. Natural disasters, cybercrime, or man-made errors will also likely destroy your backups. As a result, your company could face expensive downtime.

With cloud-hosted backup, however, things are different. The entire purpose of a cloud backup is to make sure your data is available when you need it. Top cloud service providers will offer redundancy, which means they will make a backup of your backups. This increases uptime and ensures optimum levels of data availability.

Fast Resource Provisioning Through IaaS

When backups are being implemented, spikes in user activity or cloud environment accessibility can slow down a website or other running systems. This is where a cloud hosting provider comes in handy. By closely monitoring user activities, providers can see spikes either before or as they are happening. The provider will provision more resources and virtual machines to manage the influx of users. This type of flexibility is particularly useful when data backups are in process.

Back Up Data More Frequently

Most companies work on files and update information throughout the day, so it’s important to have a real-time backup plan ready in case an unexpected disaster occurs. When you back up data in the cloud, you will no longer have to worry about managing the frequency of your backups.

Most cloud-hosted providers offer round-the-clock or other fixed backup frequencies, while others let you set your own backup schedule. Some of the services offered by these providers will back up files as you make changes, so you’ll know that the very latest version of files and data are always backed up.

BCDR cloud data backup


Distributed Cloud Infrastructure with Real-time Server Access

Cloud-hosted backup means the delivery of data backup to users all over the world. Selecting the right type of cloud hosting partner is equally as important as having a cloud backup plan in the first place. If international users are trying to access database or download applications through your business website, latency will become a factor — the closer the user is to the data, the faster they’ll be able to access information.

Let Secure Cloud Hosting by SWK Back Up Your Data

Businesses everywhere are utilizing cloud backup solutions, so don’t be the one left behind. Gain real-time data security, faster deployment times and unlimited scalability when you migrate to the cloud with SWK Technologies.

Learn more about SWK’s Secure Cloud Hosting solution and give us a call today to discover how to start your cloud migration.

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