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70% of SMBs Outsource IT – Should You? [eBook]

By December 3, 2019December 17th, 2019Blog, Business, Security, Security – News and General

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Has your company been struggling with the looming issue of how exactly to move forward with your business IT needs? Well, you’re not alone.

In today’s cybersecurity-driven world, businesses like yours are increasingly trying to determine how they can best manage their IT and networks, and different businesses handle the issue in different ways. There is no one “right” way for all businesses to solve this issue.

Considering your company’s unique needs, you probably have many factors that you should weigh before making your decision to transfer some or all of your IT management into the hands of an outsourced IT managed services provider (MSP).

Get the guide that helps you understand whether you should outsource IT, so you can start untangling some of those considerations and make the right choice now for your business’s future.

What Exactly Is an MSP?

Okay, let’s start off really quick and get this definition out of the way.

Outsourced IT companies are called MSPs (managed services providers). They provide personalized professional IT service expertise to SMBs (small to medium sized businesses) like yours. MSPs typically monitor and manage their clients’ applications (anti-virus, email, etc.) and IT infrastructure remotely, which leaves you and your staff free to focus on growing your company.

Some key facts to know about MSPs right now:

  • Outsourcing IT management to an MSP is NOT an either/or choice.

Many companies choose to outsource IT services as well as maintain an in-house IT staff because MSPs can be used in conjunction with your in-house staff, or they can replace them. It’s your choice.

  • If you outsource IT, it may be more affordable than in-house IT management.

Most MSPs work on a subscription basis, charging a fixed rate (typically monthly) for a specific set of prescribed services.

  • MSPs offer a wide range of services, often going above and beyond what your in-house team can offer.

Some of the more common offerings from good MSPs include:

Of course, this isn’t a complete list of all the services that an outsourced IT company can offer your business. To find out the specifics of any MSP services, you should contact the company directly or go to their website for further information.

Why Nearly 70% of SMBs Outsource IT Management

According to a recent survey conducted by the B2B research firm Clutch, 69% of SMBs in the United States use at least one outsource IT service provider. That’s an impressive percentage of businesses. And when that many successful businesses agree, can they all be wrong?

Well, yes, they can. But it is very unlikely that they are all wrong. Which just leaves us with the question, why do all these businesses choose to work with an MSP?

Basically, by employing the services of an MSP, your SMB is getting the extensive coverage and expertise that large, global corporations enjoy, without the cost and administrative headaches attached to hiring a massive IT staff. (When you outsource IT services to an MSP, you can even work with one of the best MSPs in the world!)

However, there are different reasons why SMBs choose an MSP. In order to determine whether working with an outsourced IT company is right for you, it’s a smart idea to consider factors such as:

  • Whether or not you have an in-house IT team now
  • How many computers and mobile devices your company uses
  • What your current vulnerabilities are – Find out here!
  • How unhappy you are with your current IT operations
  • Whether or not you face security or compliance mandates

What’s Right for Your SMB?

For some businesses, an outsourced IT provider can help deliver tailored IT solutions that meet that organization’s unique needs. For other businesses, outsourced IT is simply overkill at this time.

Where does your company stand on that continuum? There’s an easy way for you to find out. Right now.


Download the eBook, “Should Your Company Outsource IT?” to learn whether an MSP is the right choice for your business right now.

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