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Video game consoles have been a fixture in our society for a while now. Most people have played (or at least watched someone play) a game on a console, a PC, or a handheld device at one point or another. On March 3rd Nintendo will be releasing their latest gaming system the Nintendo Switch, however, this one is breaking away from the traditional game consoles.

The Switch will be different from the Xbox and PlayStation because not only can you play it on a TV with a controller, but you can then take the console (which is essentially like a tablet) out of its docking station and attach the provided controllers to it making it into a handheld system that you can take on the go. Since the tablet is the brains of the system it lets you pick up where you left off whether you are playing on the TV, or on the go as a handheld using the same game. In the past these would be two separate devices that required different games, now it’s all in one place.

That is not all, there is another option where you can take the tablet piece and remove the controllers from it where they each become separate controllers and the tablet part is like a mini TV for local multiplayer on to share with friends no matter where you are. The little controllers that snap on and off of the screen are also quite the little pieces of technology. They can function together as a single controller or be used separately as two mini controllers for sharing. They also come packed with features and motion sensors for using the motion of the controller to control characters in game similar to how the Wii works, but with improved technology. There’s even a tiny IR motion camera packed in there that will be used for games too.

While there are so many features and things that have been told about the Switch, but there are still many that are unknown. There have even been rumors that Nintendo plans to use the hardware from this system to expand into virtual reality in the future. Since it does not come out until March we don’t know exactly what to expect just yet, but it certainly seems like an interesting concept and something that could change things up a little in the video game world. You can see more for yourself and some examples of how Nintendo plans for the switch to be used on their website .