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Are you a person who is constantly in motion? Maybe you like to get outdoors, or travel, or hike. Perhaps you are taking a class and going to school, or maybe your kids are in school or off at college. If any of the above statements describe you, you are going to think this new gadget is pretty cool — and better yet it comes with everything you could hope for to quench your thirst for technology.

It is called the iBackPack and it has it all: a Bluetooth speaker, portable Wi-Fi hotspot, battery bank with four USB ports and retractable power cord (to charge all of your gizmos), GPS/anti-theft with a Bluetooth proximity locator (so you can always find it), and, of course, an app to bring it all together. You are probably wondering how a backpack has an anti-theft system, well let me tell you. The iBackPack has a fun little feature in which you can activate an alarm if you see someone stealing the bag. This sounds a siren or yells “Stop! Thief! This man stole my bag!” for you, and it also activates the GPS so you can track the bag too. The bag itself is designed to be the same size and weight of a regular backpack, and it is built with top-notch materials that have a limited lifetime warranty.

The iBackPack concept came about back in April 2015 and is being designed for both the student and the business professional, possibly with a little more of an edge towards the business/sales professional. If you are someone who is on the go a lot you might find yourself running out of juice on your phone or tablet, and you certainly don’t want that if you are going to sales meetings and need to present or take notes with your device. Don’t forget about all of the friends you will make when you can offer up the ability to charge multiple devices at once, and maybe even play some tunes on your Bluetooth speaker for everyone to enjoy during the sales process.

In all seriousness, this gadget could be a really useful tool for a professional. The iBackPack has various models, with one catering more to businesses. They call it the Sales Professional model and it comes with your corporate logo and awards and recognitions of your employees such as “Sales person of the quarter” that you could give out as a reward. In addition to the branding, you also get access to a huge database of B2B contacts iBackPack has built up, which you can download while their indiegogo campaign is still active (a valuable little perk for early adopters). Don’t forget — not only does it have all kinds of fancy uses, but it also is a backpack. You know… that thing you use to carry all of your stuff and replace the need for a briefcase.

Other models include: Starter Limited (single battery), Power BackPack (dual batteries), the Wi-Fi Version (same as previous version plus Wi-Fi hot spot), and the previously mentioned Sales Professional (comes with same as previous versions with the addition of the Company logo and access to the B2B contact database). Pricing on the iBackPack currently runs from $99 to $250 on their indiegogo page as preorders, and retail is expected to range from $249 – $399. The Starter Limited model will not be available in retail. For more details you can take a look on their website here.

We look forward to checking out the iBackPack when it starts shipping next year.