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If you have read our newsletters in the past or have paid attention to the news by now you have probably heard about the risks involved with using Free or Public WiFi. It can be great to have access to WiFi in a hotel or in an airport while you are waiting on a flight, but the problem is everyone else has access to that internet connection too. That means that a crafty hacker could potentially snoop on your device and see what you are up to.

This is where the Keezel comes in. It acts as a portable VPN (virtual private network) that secures your connection. It works on any WiFi connections and connects to your favorite devices. You just simply connect the Keezel to WiFi and you are good to go, no need for any software. Not only does it provide privacy but it can be used to enjoy content wherever you are in the world by using a server in a local area to access content that may be geographically restricted. You can even charge your devices using its large power bank. Setting it up is an easy three steps, just hit the power button, connect to the Keezel in your WiFi settings, and then use the internet. It is that easy.

The devices also comes with two levels of service. You can subscribe to their Premium service for $5 a month that allows you access to higher speeds and more servers throughout the world. The basic service is free but comes with less servers to access and lower speeds, which is fine for email and browsing, but not for streaming HD video. The Keezel is still in the pre-order stage where that you can view on their Indiegogo page . They are supposed to start shipping this summer with a few different versions. It starts out at $144 for a basic package that is just simply the Keezel device. The $179 premium package comes with the device and a year of service. They range all the way up to a $479 premium lifelong package that gives you the premium service forever.

In today’s world with an increasing number of threats and more and more WiFi access this seems like it could be a very handy device to have, especially for those who frequently travel.