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Learn How Businesses Are Fighting Back Against Cybercrime

Fire drills limit business damage in the event of a fire. Earthquake duck-and-cover drills improve protection in the face of an earthquake. Effective cyber resilience practices help your business defend against cyberthreats and, in the event of a cyberattack, mitigate the impact.

Modern organizations are increasingly turning to cyber resilience tactics to reduce risk, secure the business, recover quickly from an attack, and limit cyber insurance spending. However, most businesses are failing at a critical step in the cyber resilience planning process.

eBook Image - The Importance of Cyber Resilience

Download the eBook to discover:

  • 2 steps you must follow to develop an effective cyber resilience plan
  • 5 common risks to which a cyberattack exposes your company
  • 7 controls that can reduce your business’s overall cyber-vulnerability
  • 5 detailed steps to follow when performing your personalized risk assessment
  • 6 stages of incident response planning and execution
  • How you can save money on cyber insurance

Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated tactics and methodologies to ensure their devious attacks succeed, which means it is only a matter of time before your business falls victim to a well-disguised attack.

Have a plan in place and be prepared to contain the damage, so you can recover quickly when that happens.

Fill out the form to access the eBook and learn more about cyber resilience – or simply contact SWK to ask how you can mitigate cyber risk at your company.

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