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We work with your I.T. lead to determine areas that are lacking to unearth potential problems such as 1) inadequate or outdated cyber security protocols and protections, 2) insufficient backups, 3) unknown compliance violations, 4) workloads that can be automated and streamlined for cost savings and more efficiency, and 5) insufficient (or no) documentation of I.T. systems and assets.

These are just a few of the most frequently discovered problems we find that virtually everyone denies could exist in their organization.

We can also answer questions you might have such as:

  • Is my I.T. person or team 100% utilized, efficient and as productive as they should be? We have professional tools that will give you visibility into their activities and allow you to track time against work, as well as how efficiently they are performing their job, what activities they are spending the most time on and whether or not they are maxed out, based on tangible data.
  • Do you have sufficient redundancy and documented systems and processes in your I.T. department to avoid a single point of failure?
  • Are you overspending and not getting your money’s worth in any aspect of I.T.?
  • Are you TRULY prepared and protected against a ransomware attack or other cyber security breach? Could you recover quickly? Are you meeting compliance regulations?

The above is NOT designed to make your I.T. team look bad; as we all know, fresh eyes see new things. They also are very unlikely to have the software tools we can provide that would give them insights and help them be FAR more effective for you. All of this will be discussed during this consultation.

Have compliance needs? We can help with that too! Talk to us to determine what compliance needs you may have. For instance, finance and healthcare organizations need to abide by HIPAA, SEC, and FINRA regulations, while the title industry has to be concerned with ALTA.

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SWK Network Services is well positioned to maintain your network and keep it protected as one of the top managed service providers in the world.