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Fight Modern Phishing with Facts 

The better the good guys get at identifying cybercrime, the better the criminals get at finding workarounds that help them continue operating under the radar. Like a chess game, the good guys and bad guys are strategically battling to get the upper hand – and it can feel like your company is simply a pawn in a high-stakes, technological “war game.”

Your best option for winning is to understand the battle — the rules of the game, so to speak — which means your job is to do your research.

Luckily, getting the facts on this “battle” doesn’t require reading Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. All it takes is reading a white paper.

Get your copy of the white paper and learn:

  • Today’s latest phishing tactics – and what data the criminals are targeting
  • Why 90% of Google users are vulnerable to phishing
  • 7 red flags that will help you spot a phishing attack fast
  • Why you should think twice before clicking on emails from DocuSign and Dropbox
  • How a Windows security flaw from 2012 accounted for 32% of phishing kit attacks in 2017

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