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Learn the Top 10 Ways SMBs Fall Victim to Cybercrime

A new report from SWK Network Services shows that 82,000 new malware threats are being released every day, and that puts small and midsize businesses at risk. 1 in 5 small businesses were victimized by cybercrime last year – even businesses that had cybersecurity defenses in place.

As the new report shows, truly effective cybersecurity measures aren’t a “one and done” activity; fighting cybercrime requires you and your employees to stay constantly vigilant.

Download the report to discover the 10 top ways hackers can get around your firewall and anti-virus to attack your business, including:

  • Employee vulnerabilities and behaviors
  • Loopholes in company tech rules and policies
  • Delayed patching and updating procedures
  • Ineffective backup methodologies
  • Fraudulent impersonation – in which hackers pretend to be you!

Fill out the form to access the cyber-defense report and learn how hackers are sidestepping your security measures to rob you blind – or simply contact SWK for more information.

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