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SWK Enables Foundation Title to Power Their Technology

By November 25, 2019Blog, News

Foundation Title, LLC is a title insurance agency, which are providers of insurance policies for real estate properties that help establish ownership of said property. Their services help protect title holders from financial loss in the event an oversight affects the title’s value. Foundation Title was founded in 2005 in Mercerville, NJ, with a staff of 20 employees. Today, that number has grown to over 150 spread out across 15 offices in four states.

Both the industry and Foundation Title itself have experienced significant changes for over the past decade that have led the latter to evolve in how they approach their business. “The most important change for us is our size,” says Peter Casey Wall, Director of Technology and Compliance. “Our span has increased in 15 years.”

A Need for Managed IT Service

When Foundation Title first began growing, Peter was placed in charge of reviewing their IT operations at the time. They relied on a service offered by their software provider, but Peter found it to be too small for Foundation Title’s plans to grow further. “We couldn’t continue with that fledging setup,” says Peter. “They were not qualified to protect us in the event of expansion.”

Foundation Title began looking for a new managed IT service provider, with Peter Wall interviewing at least half a dozen candidates in the first round. SWK Technologies stuck out to him among the interviews due to both the size of the company and how Foundation Title was approached as a potential customer.

“I liked that they didn’t send a salesperson to judge our size,” says Peter Wall. “The first person they sent was an engineer who made an assessment of our system.”

Moving Title Insurance Towards Technology

SWK Technologies has allowed Peter Wall and Foundation Title to have peace of mind when it comes to managing their networked machines. “We stuck with SWK because I think we get great service,” says Peter. “We also had a lot of challenges. The road has not always been flat – it’s sometimes a little bumpy – but we always come out at the end with an improved model. If I have a problem, I can reach out to SWK and ask, ‘how do you handle that.’”

“Peter is really easy to work with,” says Jason Ciarlante, Foundation Title’s Technology Account Manager at SWK. “That’s allowed us to solidify our partnership with Foundation Title, having that personal relationship. As an MSP, you can’t just leave a client on autopilot, you have to be physically available to help them work through their issues and any concerns that pop up. When I work with you, I’m an advisor, not just your sales guy.”

Becoming Part of the SWK Network

Foundation Title is currently on their second major network resource overhaul in preparation for their planned expansion. This includes migrating to a private cloud environment hosted by SWK’s Secure Cloud Hosting.