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In an increasing effort to secure our clients’ networks, we are reaching out to decision makers and requesting that you provide us with a list of users that we can designate for Administrative Authorization decisions. Simply put, this would be a person (or persons) at your company that are authorized to request administrative control, password changes for other users, or anything else above and beyond regular service requests. This will better allow us to prevent unapproved changes to your business’ network and keep it more secure.

There are two types of administrators that you can specify: Full Admin and Limited Admin.

A Full Admin will have no restrictions and can request any type of change to your network. This is generally the business owner or primary decision maker for the company.

A Limited Admin can request more than an average user, but are limited to the common administrative tasks on the list below. This may be an office manager or key personnel who help manage the network at a basic level.

Limited Admin Authorizations

User/Email Account change requests
User Password Reset (non-admin accounts)
Remote Access user change requests (includes VPN, Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, etc)
Server Reboot Requests
Web Content Filter change request (Cisco Umbrella)
Global Antivirus Exclusion Requests
Wireless Password Requests

Please insert the names of the people you designate to have Full and Limited Admin control to your company’s network, in the sections below. We do ask that the names be submitted in writing so that we have them for our records. For any future hires, please also inform us if they are designated administrators as well.

Companyyour full name

Full Admin:

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Limited Admin:

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